What Services Does a Commercial Contractor in Jacksonville Provide?

A commercial contractor in Jacksonville provides various services, from small remodeling jobs to turnkey projects starting from scratch. It’s important to know all these services and look for them in your contractor’s extensive portfolios to find the right match.

Turnkey Service

Turnkey projects are more popular than ever. Whether you want to build a simple office space for your company or a high-end restaurant, your contractor will be able to do everything from the ground up.

This includes conceptualizing your vision into a blueprint, sourcing the materials and labor, constructing the space, and making the final improvements. Although you’ll be active in the designing and budgeting part of the construction, you won’t have to supervise. Turnkey projects are streamlined and you get a ready-to-occupy facility. Most construction companies offer a single contract for this.

Construction with Existing Design

If you want to build a themed commercial space that will see a lot of visitors, you might’ve worked with a trusted architect already. In that case, your commercial contractor in Jacksonville can get in touch with the architect and either make a more comprehensive plan or give general construction service with the pre-existing plan.

Catered Budget Plans

Everyone has a budget to adhere to, and contractors are aware of this. That’s why it’s important to find a contractor who works with design teams to provide the best product under a budget. Budget estimations are mostly made on market value.

Remodeling Work

Commercial contractors also do remodeling work, so your existing commercial space can get a new feel. Remodeling can range from simply changing the color scheme, doors, fixtures, and windows to full-on renovation such as making open concepts.

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