What Services Are Available Through Funeral Homes In Bel Air?

California families acquire assistance when the unexpected happens. During this time, they need compassionate help to plan the final wishes of their loved one who has left them. Funeral Homes in Bel Air can assist these families by providing a wide array of services to remove some of the burdens at this difficult time.

Traditional Funerals and Burials

Traditional funerals allow families to acquire embalming services for their loved one and the selection of a casket. The funeral director helps these families by walking them through this process. This includes choosing the right date for the viewing and the funeral itself. The funeral director helps the family by managing claims filed through the life insurance or burial policies.

Military Style Funerals and Memorial Services

For members of the armed forces, the funeral director helps their families make vital arrangements. This includes contacting officers of their branch to manage additional services that help them pay tribute to the honor of this fallen military member. The funeral director acquires the appropriate music and ceremonial requirements for the family. This includes burial arrangements according to the requests of the military member.

Cremation Services and Selections

Cremation services are also available to families. The funeral director manages the cremation of the deceased individual and provides an urn for storage of their remains. The director presents options for memorial services for the lost loved one. This could include a religious or non-religious service based on the individual’s wishes.

Collecting the Body

The funeral home may collect the body for the family. They will deliver the body to the funeral home as directed. Once the family has identified the type of services they prefer, the funeral director will begin the preparation process.

California families that have lost a loved one need assistance with funerals and memorial services. Local funeral homes can manage the entire process for them and take away some of the burdens of losing a loved one. This includes managing burial or cremation as directed by the family. Any family that needs the services of Funeral Homes in Bel Air should contact Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services or click here for additional information today.

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