What Pest Management Services in Ashburn, VA can Offer You

The simple truth is that no one wants bugs and other pests in their home. Spiders, roaches and ants are all things that homeowners hate to see and want to get rid of as soon as they see them. While keeping a home clean can help reduce the invasion of pests, the truth is that just a small amount of food left hidden in a corner can be all it takes for pests to make themselves at home. Whatever it is that a homeowner is dealing with, the fastest way to get rid of them is through Pest Management Services in Ashburn VA.

Pest Management Options

According to the Department of Health, there are a couple of ways to control pests without using pesticides. One is to keep a home or office clean to eliminate a good environment for bugs and rodents. Unfortunately, some of their ideas are not practical for home use. For example, they suggest introduction a biological opposite to eliminate pests, such as dung beetles to get rid of waste that attracts flies.

In most cases, Pest Management Services in Ashburn VA offer organic and inorganic methods. Organic products use plant bases and only things found in nature to eliminate pests. There are still some mixed reviews about this option as organics tend to be less effective than inorganic pesticides. Inorganic pesticides are often not safe for pets – although some are designed specifically for homes with pets and children. An exterminator will let the homeowner know if they need to wait a certain amount of time after treating a home.

Monitoring the Problem

Pest problems won’t resolve itself over night. Most treatments will take time to kill the pests, often requiring a bug to take the poison they picked up to where they live where they can infect other pests. This means it can take weeks for a treatment to be completely effective. A pest management company should visit the home at least once to make sure the methods they used are working. The best companies actually offer a guarantee for their work.

If you’re dealing with pests, especially after a flooding event that has caused severe mold, which can attract certain pests, then PMSI Mold Treatment Division should be your first call. They can help you deal with the issues with your home and make you feel comfortable living there again.