What Owners Need to Know About Pet Surgery in Fort Wayne Indiana

People are not the only ones who need medical attention. Pets like dogs and cats can also need everything from oral medication to surgery. When the family dog has to undergo pet surgery in Fort Wayne, Indiana, it is important to understand a little about the general process.

Sedating the Pet

Before the surgery can commence, it is often necessary to sedate the pet. This is true even with minor surgical procedures. Unlike humans, pets do not have the ability to understand that what the surgeon is doing will make them feel better eventually. By sedating the pet and waiting until the animal is safely asleep, it is much easier to proceed with the operation.

Monitoring Vital Signs

During the surgery, the medical team will actively monitor the vital signs of the pet. This is to ensure that the pet does remain unconscious and that the heart and blood pressure remain within safe limits. If the pet seems to be failing in some manner, emergency procedures are implemented to help stabilize the patient and continue the Pet Surgery in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Time in Recovery

Surgery is physically traumatic for pets. This makes it necessary to keep the pet in a recovery area until the effects of the sedation wear off. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, the owner may be allowed to take the pet home after a few hours. In other cases, the pet will be kept at the clinic and observed overnight. If no signs of complications arise, the owner is contacted and arrangements are made to prepare the pet to go home.

The professionals at Dupont Veterinary Clinic understand that pets are members of the family. To that end, they are careful to help owners understand the nature of a procedure, what the pet will experience, and what will be required in terms of care and comfort in the days and weeks after the surgery. Owners who have any questions or concerns are encouraged to talk with a member of the staff. Once the owner provides permission, the surgery is scheduled and the work of preparing for the operation can commence.

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