What Outfit Do You Need if You’re Taking Stand Up Paddle Board In Cold Weather

A majority of people will have paddleboard activities in summer when the weather is warm. However, there are also people who love doing stand up paddle board in Charleston, SC in fall season and intersections in winter. While the cold weather may not kill you, you also don’t want to misjudge the cold. If you are up to having your stand up paddlebarding in cold weather, there are a few things you should consider.

Wet and Dry Suits
Unlike the old days when paddleboarding gears used to be cumbersome, today, you will find that SUP stores provide modern gears that support paddlers without creating discomforts. The gears are also in fashion and the wearers will love to be in them. In cold weather, wear wet and dry suits designed to ensure flexible movement.

Booties and Gloves
Just like you want to cover your body and protect yourself from the cold weather, you also want to ensure your feet and hands are protected. Ensure you are in booties and wear neoprene gloves to guard you against the harsh environment. Exposing your skin to cold weather may result in bloating or giggling, but when you use the right boot to keep the feet warm, it will help prevent these problems.

Head Cap

If you are using a camera, remember to cover the head strap using a cap to protect you and the cam. The cap will help protect your head from the cold and also the camera. Of course, a neoprene hood may be necessary to keep the head warm if you are paddling in the cold.

Lastly, with the right outfit for your stand up paddleboarding, you also want to ensure you take a meal an hour before the actual paddling. In cold and with empty stomach, it may affect your ability to paddle, but having some meal or snack will help restore the fuel you burn.

If you are seeking for a fulfilling paddling experience in cold, the main thing is ensure you stay warm on the way. The weather can be really grueling, but when you are take the necessary steps to wear the right outfit, you will enjoy your stand up paddle board in Charleston, SC.