What Kind of Exercises Help in Improving Your Coordination Skills?

Not everyone’s an ace at coordination. If you’re tired of people shooting you pitying glances every time you trip over your own feet or fall like a log and flump around like a beached whale much too often, then you might want to give sports training in Jacksonville a try. Sports training can provide you with several exercises to help you improve faulty coordination skills you’ve had all your life:

The 7 elements

Breaking Muscle says there are seven elements to coordination. This includes balance, rhythm, spatial orientation, the speed of reaction, synchronization of movements, kinesthetic differentiation and movement adequacy. Knowing these elements can help you understand better what coordination is about and what your current weaknesses are. That way, it’s easier pick the kind of training and coach that would best fit your needs.

Basic exercises you can do

There are several ways to improve bodily coordination. From multi-directional forms of running and jumping as well as skipping to single leg balancing games, mirror games and even simultaneous arm and leg circles. You could also do balance exercises on a beam or do obstacle running sessions since the ability to avoid and leap over hurdles in the way can get your coordination skills up much sooner rather than later. Other exercises typical of sports training can also be ideal as well. These won’t just improve your coordination, but can whip your body into shape as well.


Pick the right sports training in Jacksonville. Do they seem too hard or high impact for you? Consult with a coach before you take on anything. Also, it would be good to change exercises constantly since this will lead to even better results. By going through regular exercises, you won’t just find your coordination skills improving; you can also stay fit and healthy.

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