What Kind of Brick Is Right for Your Outdoor Brick Oven?

When you purchase an outdoor brick oven, there are a couple of things you need to know before you get started. One of the most essential keys to ensuring any type of success is making sure you choose the right materials for the job, especially as you browse through all of the available options. While the look is one consideration, the function is definitely of critical importance.

How can you know what kind of brick is right for your outdoor brick oven? There are a couple of basic styles and types of bricks you can start with.

Medium Duty Firebrick

Medium duty firebrick is arguably the most popular type of material used in outdoor brick ovens, which is due to their ability to easily handle the 900 degree Fahrenheit temperatures your oven will generate in order to cook the food quickly. They are also easily able to withstand the rapid thermal cycling process, which is when your oven goes from cool to hot and back to cool again in a relatively short period of time.

Red Clay Brick

Using red clay bricks is another popular choice in outdoor brick ovens, especially because of their pleasant aesthetic appeal. However, there is a tradeoff you get for having a more beautiful oven. Red clay bricks are not as effective in terms of actually cooking and conducting heat well.

This is because when clay is exposed to extreme heat, it is more likely to splinter and crack. However, it is the most cost effective option, which is partially responsible for its continued popularity. However, if you want an oven meant to last, it may be best to choose the more durable firebrick.

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