What Is the Safest Way to View the Sun?

Thinking carefully, you should always avoid staring directly into the sun because it can instantly damage your eyes and cause long-lasting effects. Should there be a specific need to look towards the sun, you will need to obtain glasses for solar eclipse viewing and for any other occasion you need to look towards the sun.

Understanding Damage to Your Retina

You have probably already experienced staring at the sun, by accident and you will have understood the need to look away almost immediately because the sun is so bright. Because of that brightness, the sun’s UV rays will physically burn and cause damage to the retina within your eye. This can cause temporary and possibly, permanent blindness and your vision will be greatly affected, even if you only stare at the sun for a few seconds.

Observing the sun without harm, means purchasing glasses for solar eclipse viewing, which filters out almost all the sun’s light, before it passes through to your eyes. You do not have to wait for a solar eclipse to use the glasses as they will protect your eyes when you stare direct to the sun.

Do Not Use a Home-Made Filter

A quick search of the Internet will show you several home-made devices that individuals have suggested, that will protect your eyes when gazing at the sun. Unless they meet the exacting standards of professional glasses for solar eclipse viewing, you must undertake the risk that they may not work and will damage your eyes. Is that a risk worth taking?

Telescopes and binoculars will not filter out the blazing heat from the sun. Using these gadgets will increase the amount of light being fed into your eyes because they concentrate the UV rays from the sun, through the lens.

Purchasing high quality glasses for solar eclipse viewing is not difficult. There are companies that have been manufacturing efficient models for many years and sell millions of these glasses, so your eyes can be protected.

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