What Is The Purpose Of The Trade Schools In Queens NY?

As with any school; what you actually learn there is a function of both your aptitude and the subjects that are being taught. So, maybe we should rephrase the question as – “What do they teach at Trade Schools In Queens NY?”

Names Can Be Confusing In Our Education System

With our emphasis on individual rights, the supremacy of free enterprise over Government control and the freedom for States to be able to make their own decisions in many things; we have a number of different ways of looking at the same things. The concept of primary, secondary and tertiary education is fairly equally understood across the land; but, the names for the institutions that you attend and the ages at which you transfer from one to the other are not universally the same.

A kindergarten is nearly always a school; but, grade schools can be called colleges; as can some high schools. When it comes to further education post high school; it is not always a university that one goes to; Harvard for example has its Business School while other institutions offering the highest levels of education prefer to call themselves colleges.

Where Do Trade Schools In Queens NY Fit In?

Basically, these are colleges that people attend after high school; either to build up credits for a more university style institution or instead of going to university. We have an effective grading system when it comes to the awards handed out from institutions of higher learning; namely:-

1. Doctoral Degrees: Ph.D., DM, etc
2. Post Graduate Diplomas
3. Master’s Degrees: MBA, MSc, etc
4. Bachelor’s Degrees: BA, BS, etc
5. Associate degrees

The Trade Schools In Queens NY usually teach up to the associate degree level; although this is the lowest tier, it enables these schools to perform a valuable community service in so much as they provide career based further education to those unable to attend university level institutions.

Since their courses do not go as far into a subject as those required for a bachelor’s degree; the time required for graduation is more or less cut in half; which makes them more accessible to people who cannot afford a long time away from their pay checks. It also means that the Trade Schools In Queens NY can provide their degrees and other qualifications with lower overheads than the full universities; this makes them more affordable to a larger percentage of the people in Queens.

A fine example from the Trade Schools In Queens NY is the Bramson ORT College; graduating from this fine, charitable institution can work wonders for your career prospects. Take a look at their catalog which can be downloaded from.

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