What is the best way to thaw a frozen pipe?

The US basically has three climatic zones; there is the Deep South and South West which never sees cold weather, the far North which is in the deep freeze for months on end and then areas such as the Atlantic coast, perhaps NY and MA where it gets cold but not enough to normally freeze the pipes in your home. It is this last zone which is tricky and frozen pipes are the most common.

In the south of course there is no reason to take any precautions and in the north pipes are well insulated as a matter of course. If you live in that part of the country where a deep freeze is rare, it is here that you may have problems.

There are right ways and wrong ways to thaw the frozen water in your pipes; wrong ways include anything that has an open flame such as a blowtorch, it is very easy to catch the house on fire as in many cases the pipes are fastened to wooden joists. The pipe can burst as well as the water will not only melt where you are working, it can turn into steam and burst the pipe. Many people are well aware of the problems and they turn to plumbers in Suffolk as soon as they know they have a problem.

The easiest way and the best way to thaw a frozen pipe is to open all the taps in the house, this is based on the assumption that all taps are frozen. Even the slightest trickle of water from the cold water tap will have to be replaced by incoming water from the mains which is warmer than that in the frozen pipe. It may take a while but the pipes will eventually thaw. To stop it from freezing again, leave a trickle of water run from the tap during the night.

If no water comes out, you are better off calling the plumbers in Suffolk as there are no ways for you to know where the big problem is. It is best to use the pros as you may do more harm than good which will easily result in damage that can cost a quite a bit to repair.