What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal in Fayetteville is one of a number of hair removal methods; a laser light is used to discourage the hair from re-growth. Although it may take a few sessions, the method is excellent in eliminating the need to shave legs, underarms and other areas.

Hair follicles are surrounded with a pigment called melanin; it is this pigment which absorbs the heat generated by the laser. The darker the hair is the more melanin it has and as a result, the more heat it can absorb. When it has absorbed sufficient heat, it affects the mechanism that causes hair re-growth and may destroy the hair follicle. Once this stage has been reached, the hair will fall out and new growth will either be completely eliminated or if it does return, it will return very slowly.

Individuals with blond hair and a deep tan may not find the same convincing results as an individual with dark hair. The skin also contains melanin, the darker the skin the more melanin it contains. In the event the hair is lighter than the skin, it will be the skin that absorbs the laser light, not the hair follicles. The absolute ideal patient for hair removal in Fayetteville is an individual with fair skin and dark hair.

As long as the combination is darker hair than the skin, the hair will absorb the heat and as the skin has a much larger surface area, it will obviously cool faster than the hair. When the process is being done, the skin is often cooled with a cooling agent, when the laser pulses, the hair follicles stay hot and the skin stays reasonably cool.

Rarely will a single treatment be sufficient, in virtually every case, it will require multiple treatments. Hair goes through growth stages; the stage it must be in to be effectively treated is the anagen phase. As not all hair is in the same stage at the same time, the removal sessions need to be repeated to get at the hair that was dormant during previous sessions. Over a number of sessions all the hair will have been treated.

Normally patients find that complete success can be had in three to five sessions, the upper lip will require fewer sessions than the legs, back or bikini line.

Laser hair removal in Fayetteville, is done by the experienced staff at Bella Medical Aethetics, PC.

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