What Is It Like To Work With A Health Coach In Hillsborough Township, NJ?

When people hear the term “coach,” they may automatically think of high school P.E classes and having to run drills or laps or learn new ball handling skills. While this is certainly one type of coach, there are many others who are professionals focusing on assisting people with making changes in their lives.

A good example of this second type of professional is a health coach. These specialized nutrition professionals can work with people all across the country, talking through challenges, working on developing action steps and goals and in changing the way people are managing their food and lifestyle choices.

Working with a health coach is a new concept for many. Understanding how these professions provide invaluable services in helping you to meet health and wellness goals will be beneficial in deciding if this a good option for you to consider.


Coaching may be done in person or on the phone. Often, if the individual lives in one area, such as Hillsborough Township, NJ, and the coach lives elsewhere, phone meetings are easier and more convenient.

The coach and the client start off with basic information about your goals and what is working or not working in achieving those goals. In many cases, people want to lose weight or work on health issues or to become more fit overall.

The health coach asks questions and helps people to understand the small changes they need to make to achieve their goals. The coach and the client meet regularly, often weekly, to discuss how the steps are working, what challenges may be occurring, and how to make sustainable changes to bring about desired results.

The coach has an extensive background in nutrition, diet and lifestyle support, and he or she makes recommendations that are customized and tailored to the client. In addition, the coach is there for support and encouragement, providing feedback and motivation throughout the program.