What is Involved in a Shower Conversion?

If you are like most people you have a bathtub but only take showers, then you may want to consider a shower conversion. There are many ways to do tub to shower conversions in San Antonio and other areas, but you will probably want to hire a professional. Installing a shower to replace your tub is not an easy job.

Remove The Tub

Obviously, the first thing you will need to do is get rid of your old tub. This can also be one of the more difficult parts since a shower is easy to get inside when it is in pieces, but a tub does not break down into multiple smaller parts. This means that the entire assembly will have to be taken outside as a single unit. Depending on the layout of your house and sizes of your doors this can easily be a deal breaker for many DIYers.

Assess the Flooring

If your tub had leaks, even small ones, then you could potentially have rotten wood or mold under your tub. You should thoroughly inspect the area for any signs of rot or mildew. If you find either of these then plan on repairing them. If it is mold, then you may be able to treat it simply, but if there is rotten wood, then more extensive repairs are likely needed.

Installing The Shower

The final step is to install the shower itself. This can vary a bit depending on the model you buy, but it should be fairly straight forward with most models. You will need to plumb your new shower as well as actually putting it together. This should not be difficult, just be sure you seal your pipes, so they do not leak after you put everything back together.

Once the shower is installed and plumbed, you are likely going to have some extra space. This is because a standing shower is usually only about half of the length of a tub. You can do with this space what you will, but one popular option is to turn it into a closet.

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