What is different about a Pediatric Dentist?

From a technical point of view a pediatric dentist is no different than a family dentist; the difference comes in with the way this dental specialist deals with the dental needs of children and youngsters. A pediatric dentist in Brecksville, OH may see patients as young as 12 months and at times, up to the late teens. One of the primary tasks of the pediatric dentist is to educate his or her patients from a very young age on proper dental care and hygiene as it is a well documented fact that things which are learned early in life stay as lifelong habits.

A pediatric dentist is trained to diagnose and treat conditions which have an effect on the youngster’s teeth, gums and mouth. A pediatric dentist has a genuine care and love for children; they have endless patience when dealing with their young charges as many children have an inborn fear of the dentist.

Many parents started their routine with a pediatric dentist for cleaning their children teeth, this is perhaps the most common treatment done by this specialist. As the dentist is going about the cleaning process, he can discuss the right and wrong ways to approach teeth cleaning at home, these discussions also include information and instructions on the correct way to floss. The dentist will instill upon his young patients the number of times that the teeth should be cleaned during a normal day as well as the correct toothbrush to use.

The pediatric dentist in Brecksville, OH periodically will take X-Rays of the child’s teeth; this gives the dentist the opportunity to see the progress of teeth maturity. The X-Rays are often compared from one visit to another to ensure that the adult teeth are forming below the gum line properly and there is no need for concern. It is possible for the dentist to determine in advance if orthodontic correction may be in store in the future.

The pediatric dentist performs the same routine treatments as any dentist; attending to cavities or perhaps extracting a tooth. The dentist usually performs a fluoride treatment on young teeth as a way of ensuring that cavities will be kept at bay as long as possible.

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