What Is Covered Under Truck Accident Injury Law In Burley, ID?

In Idaho, a multitude of laws applies to how a trucking accident is managed. The bulk of these laws applies to personal injury law. However, since commercial trucks are involved, the Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulations apply as well. The following are concepts that are covered under Truck Accident Injury Law Burley ID.

Violations of Federal Regulations

The first regulation addressed after an accident is that which applies to resting periods. All commercial drivers must have a rest period of at least eight hours after every fourteen-hour shift. They must present a log of their driving hours to prove compliance. Next, the driver must comply with laws pertaining to the use of stimulants and controlled substances when operating these vehicles. Any violation deems the driver and the trucking company liable.

The Possible Liability of Parts Manufacturers

The truck is inspected after the accident. If any faulty parts are discovered, the manufacturer of these parts is also liable. If the faulty parts caused the accident, the manufacturer is liable for a product liability and must provide compensation to the victim. They may also be required to provide a settlement to the trucking company as well.

A Failure to Weigh Cargo

All commercial drivers must stop at all weigh-ins found along their route. These weighing stations determine if the cargo weight is appropriate or if modifications are needed. The weight of the cargo can also lead to accidents as well.

Potential of Criminal Traffic Violations

In these accidents, the officers who arrive at the scene must conduct field sobriety tests. They must determine if the commercial driver is guilty of a DUI. If the driver was intoxicated, they face criminal charges, the loss of their commercial license, and additional liabilities. If a victim dies, the state can apply additional criminal charges.

In Idaho, a multitude of laws applies in a trucking accident. They apply to how the accident is investigated as well as how personal injury claims are filed. The investigation associated with the accident identifies the liable party. Victims who need help through Truck Accident Injury Law Burley ID can contact us for further assistance today.