What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry, often called esthetic dentistry is the practice of changing the teeth and gums so that a more attractive appearance is achieved. A Cosmetic Dentistry Chestnut Hill will first ensure that the patients overall dental health is attended to prior to the commencement of any of the many cosmetic procedures that are available and it is understood that any cosmetic work that is done will not detract from the patients overall oral health.

A cosmetic dentist in Findlay, OH performs many procedures that are considered to be cosmetic; these include tooth whitening, veneers and dental implants.

Although one’s teeth may be perfectly healthy it is still possible for them to be stained, the same holds true for crooked teeth, they are not necessarily damaged. Although issues of this nature does not mean that the individuals teeth are bad in any way what it does mean however that these imperfections can have an effect on a person’s self image and may even have a detrimental effect on job prospects. Cosmetic dentistry addresses these issues.

Many people begin with cosmetic dental procedures early in their life when braces are fitted to correct crooked teeth. Braces are applied to straighten teeth and are applied early in the life of a young adult. Although it’s normal to see young people with braces, they are just as effective for older adults who may wear invisible braces which are less distracting. While straight teeth have an impact on a person’s general health they are considered to be for aesthetic purposes.

One of the most frequently asked for procedure from adults is teeth whitening. A cosmetic dentist in Findlay, OH can perform this procedure using ether chemicals or a laser. Although chemicals that will whiten teeth are available for home application the results of clinical care are much better. Teeth whitening can and does whiten teeth a number of shades after one treatment.

Many people suffer tooth loss as they go through life; teeth can be lost due to an accident or from the lack of good dental care and practices. It is possible to replace missing teeth with implants that are every bit as good as a natural tooth and do not invade other teeth as bridges and dentures do. Gum and teeth sculpting are also a popular procedure, when the gums and teeth are reshaped the teeth look longer and more even.

A cosmetic dentist in Findlay, OH can enhance your smile, allowing you to gain in confidence. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist visit website for details.

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