What is a Portable Hand Washing Station?

Hand washing stations include an important commodity, particularly in public areas. Unwashed, dirty hands welcome a host of viral and bacterial infections. Every year, around 60 individuals fall prey to 750,000 kinds of infectious diseases that are caused by E.Coli alone. Incorrect hand sterilization has killed millions in the past.

What are they?

The stations are an excellent utility in places in which conventional sinks can’t be installed. Also, they’re convenient for occasions like fairs and concerts which require a frequent change of location. They’re equipped with basic hand washing amenities like paper towels and soap. There are multiple models of the portable stations, out of which the two-person and four-person model include the most popular ones.

What are its features?

In addition to portability, there will include many other features which make them helpful commodities.

  • Multi-user, compact sink system.
  • Foot pump operation is hands-free
  • May be transported by a single individual
  • May be fitted in compact spaces
  • Facility includes towel dispensers and soap
  • Simpler to transport, refill and operate

How to Use It?

If you’re planning to purchase Portable Hand Washing Stations, you have to know how to use it, and more importantly, how you should refill it.

  • You will locate the cap of the sink’s reservoir at the back of the unit. So remove it, and fill up the reserve with warm water. You might use a gallon jug or hose to fill it up.
  • Pull the soap dispenser cover open and fill it using liquid soap. Be certain it snaps back into place.
  • Open up the paper towel dispenser then put some paper towels neatly in it. Be certain to put them evenly in order for them not to jam the station as somebody attempts to pull them out.
  • Snap the paper towel dispenser cover back, and close the reservoir’s cap.
  • Stand in front of the sink then pump its foot pedal until water splashes out of its tap. You might need to make multiple attempts prior to the water actually starting to flow.

After putting up Portable Hand Washing Stations you might have to put signs up to allow guests to know that it’s operated with a foot pedal. You also will need to regularly inspect the reservoir, in order for you not to run out of paper towels, soap, or water. Likewise, it’d be a smart idea to keep a trashcan close by, in order for you not to get the floor littered with towels.

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