What Is A Hopper Window?

A casement window is one which is hinged on one side and swings open and closed somewhat like a book. A hopper window in Honolulu, HI is very similar in design except the hinges are not on the side; the hinges are on the bottom and the window opens inward. As with most windows a hopper window can come in a variety of sizes but this type of window is usually small and used in areas such as bathrooms and basements.

What makes a hopper window in Honolulu, HI versatile is the fact that it can open completely. A small window such as might be found in a basement does not occupy much space but those that slide to open only allow for half of the window to be open which limits the ventilation available. As the entire pane of a hopper window swings open from the bottom the amount of ventilation is through the entire surface, not just half of it. A hopper window is often the ideal window in a shower stall or in a tub area and although it is not as common, hopper windows are sometimes installed above a larger fixed pane window to allow ventilation in a room which would be otherwise difficult.

A hopper window is designed to have hinges located at the bottom of the frame and a locking mechanism at the top. The most common locking device is a lever-handle that not only swings to lock; it is also used to open the window. As hopper windows are often located close to or even below ground level it is very important to have a secure locking device so as to make egress more difficult for an intruder.

Companies that deal in replacement windows as well as most home improvement stores have hopper windows readily available. A hopper window in Honolulu, HI is considered to be highly energy efficient and it provides maximum function and ventilation of other windows which are often used in small spaces. A disadvantage of a hopper window is the lack of privacy it affords but this can be overcome by installed frosted glass. Window treatments such as curtains or blinds are impractical due to the way the hopper window opens.

Because a hopper window opens in and down it can take a full screen. Hopper windows in Honolulu, HI are available with wood or vinyl casements which make them both decorative and practical.

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