What Is a Fully Managed Cloud Service?

Nowadays, many companies run their operations in the cloud. Some start out managing the cloud platform on their own. However, as the company grows, the workload may become overwhelming. In some cases, cloud management may need to be outsourced.

If your internal IT team lacks the capacity to handle the cloud, you’ll need a fully managed cloud service. But, what exactly are cloud managed services?

Fully Managed Cloud Services Overview

Fully managed cloud services involve outsourcing the management and control of a company’s cloud platform — everything from migrating it to making sure it’s working correctly to optimizing it. With these services, a company can guarantee that its cloud resources are running at their peak efficiency. Various IT functions, such as on-demand engineering, operations management, and round-the-clock help desk assistance, fall under this umbrella.

Benefits of a Fully Managed Cloud Service

There are numerous advantages to using a fully managed cloud service. The following are the three primary benefits:

  • Supporting your internal team: In-house members can work on more sophisticated projects and activities that impact new business outcomes if they are freed up by outsourcing some IT duties to a trustworthy third party.
  • Minimizing costs: The cost of bringing in new IT professionals and resolving problems can quickly mount. Cloud managed services ensure the maintenance of your cloud infrastructure for a set monthly fee.
  • Futureproofing: IT is constantly evolving, especially cloud management. Your in-house team may not struggle to keep up with new developments. In contrast, managed cloud services regard staying updated as an essential part of their responsibilities. As a result, you can trust them to handle the unpredictability of the future.


Fully managed cloud services can offer new avenues for saving time and money if your organization relies significantly on the cloud. This type of service will not only improve your productivity in the long run, but it will also help your company keep up with future changes.

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