What is a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is a dental practitioner who specializes in procedures that will improve and enhance the patients smile. Cosmetic dentists in Boyertown PA is a qualified and licensed dentist who has taken additional training in various procedures that are all designed to enhance the look of the teeth and smile.

As a cosmetic dentist is a specialist he is still very aware of and concerned with the patients overall dental health. In many cases prior to a successful course of cosmetic treatments, general dentistry procedures may have to be performed. To ensure an aesthetically acceptable smile, the cosmetic dentist can whiten teeth, repair chips, color match fillings, apply dental veneer and perform tooth implants. Many of these procedures are not medically a requirement but they help a patient with self confidence and make them happy and comfortable with their smile.

Cosmetic dentists in Boyertown PA could be called “smile designers.” Instead of just performing routine dental work, the dentist works closely with the patient to achieve a look and feel that the patient wants. It is important before any cosmetic procedures be started that the teeth are healthy and in good repair. In many cases the dentist that performs cosmetic procedures is also a general dentist. If the dentist works exclusively on cosmetics he may still have to consult with a general dentist on such things as color matched fillings.

One area of cosmetic dentistry that has become very interesting for patients is dental implants. Prior to implantation, if a patient had a missing tooth it was only possible to fill the gap with a bridge or a denture. A dental implant is a standalone tooth that actually has been fitted to a titanium post that has been implanted in the jaw bone. Once the jaw bone has accepted the post and has grown around it, the tooth is then fitted on top. When completed the implant is as strong as a natural tooth and identical in looks.

For many people who are in the public eye and image is of paramount importance, using the services of a cosmetic dentist can be an important part of advancing in their chosen career. Actors, models and others who have a public persona to protect find that a beautiful smile is an important part of their professional success.

John F. Hyatt, D.D.S., P.C. specializes in cosmetic dentistry and offers tooth whitening, crowns and more to enhance your smile in Boyertown PA.