What Homeowners Should Know About Hail Damage In Indianapolis

In Indiana, homeowners could suffer due to the effects of storm damage and face high costs. During storms, hail is possible, and it produces significant damage for residential property owners. A local contractor offers mitigation and restoration services for Hail Damage in Indianapolis

How Does Hail Damage Roofing Shingles?

Typically, the impact of the hail causes granule loss which damages the roofing shingles. It is the granules that are needed to protect the underlayment from ultraviolet sunlight. Once the granules are compromised, the roofing materials won’t protect the underlayment, and further damage occurs.

What Should Homeowners Look for After a Hail Storm?

The homeowner should look around their property for displaced shingles and granules in their gutters. If they find broken shingles or granules, the roofing is damaged and needs immediate repairs. A roofing contractor schedules an inspection of the entire roof under these conditions.

What are Common Issues with Hail Damage?

The hail damage could void the manufacturer’s warranty for the roofing materials. The warranties include specific clauses that could limit coverage for hail damage. The primary reason for the restriction is that the damage could lead to related problems such as leaks if repairs aren’t performed fast.

Could Hail Damage Depreciate the Value of the Home?

Yes, hail damage can depreciate the value of the home. However, the homeowner’s policy should cover the cost of repairs and restoration services. As long as the owner gets the repairs quickly, the value is stabilized.

How are Repairs Performed?

The contractor repairs any damage to the underlayment first, and they replace all shingles that were displaced. All metal components such as flashing that were damaged or dented are also replaced quickly. The entire roof is tested for leaks and compromised areas as well. The roofing is restored completely to avoid a total replacement.

In Indiana, homeowners who suffer the effects of hail damage need fast services to restore their roofing. Hail can deplete the granules found on asphalt shingles and increase the damage to the entire roof. A local roofing contractor performs inspections quickly to identify all areas that were compromised. Homeowners who need assistance with Hail Damage in Indianapolis contact Amos Exteriors Inc right now.