What Happens During the Repair of Auto Glass in Arlington VA?

When someone is driving along and suddenly hears a loud pop, they often look around, wondering what caused the noise. Seeing a ding or crack on their windshield can make a driver extremely stressed. Thankfully, there are repairs that can be carried out and they can be done in under an hour. Many auto glass repair shops even come out to the driver’s place of business so the repairs can be taken care of right away. With this information, drivers will learn what happens during the repair of Auto Glass Arlington VA.

What Happens During the Repair?

In most cases, glass repair companies offer mobile services so they can visit a home or place of business and easily carry out the work. When the company comes out, they will first work to protect the vehicle from any damages during the repair process.

The area that has been damaged will be carefully cleaned to ensure no dirt and debris are present that would prevent a proper repair. The technician will then mix a special epoxy resin that dries completely clear. This is pumped into the damaged area with a special tool that works to remove any air bubbles and ensure the repair is seamless.

The epoxy is then cured with a special light to ensure it becomes one with the glass. The process takes just under an hour, but the vehicle should not be driven for at least a couple of hours so the area that was repaired can be cured.

When Are Repairs Impossible?

Unfortunately, there are some types of damage that will result in the need for a complete windshield replacement. If the Auto Glass Arlington VA has a ding larger than a fifty-cent piece or a crack longer than six inches, repairs are unlikely to be helpful. It is also not possible to repair a ding or crack in the field of vision of the driver.

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