What Happens During a Root Canal in Syracuse NY?

Since 1938, when the first root canal instrument was introduced to the world by Edwin Maynard, dental offices around the world have been performing this procedure. Root canals are carried out on teeth that have become badly diseased or decayed. This procedure seeks to prevent tooth loss and stop the pain that is often associated with tooth disease and decay. Although many individuals fear this procedure, it rarely causes any more pain than a simple tooth filling. Those who are in need of a Root Canal Syracuse NY will find this information to help them prepare.

The first step in any root canal procedure is for the dentist to take X-rays of the teeth. These images will show how diseased the tooth is so the dentist can certify a patient is a good candidate and does not need the tooth extraction. The goal of the procedure is to remove the diseased tissues in the inner portion of the tooth. This is done to stop the progression of a disease, clear up infections, and stop the ongoing pain.

The procedure will not commence until a patient is fully numb in the area being worked on. One may feel some slight pressure from the tools being used, but they should not feel any pain or discomfort. Once the tooth has been opened, the dentist can go to work on clearing the inner pulp from the tooth and the root canals that branch from the crown to the root of the tooth.

Once the tooth has been completely cleaned out, the dentist will use a material called gutta-percha to fill the tooth. This special kind of latex is slightly spongy, yet incredibly strong. It helps to safeguard against tooth fractures caused by the expansion and contraction of the teeth during temperature changes. The last stage is to seal the tooth with a hard sealant that helps to prevent tooth damage.

While no one wants to have to face going through a Root Canal Syracuse NY, the procedure is relatively straightforward and rarely causes patients any undue pain. Those who would like to learn more about this procedure should Click here. Contact Elite Dental & Denture PC so you can schedule your procedure today.

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