What Goes into Detailed Funeral Pre-planning in Forest Hill?

The decision to make final arrangements in advance is a smart one. Doing so will mean loved ones will not be at odds over what type of plans would be in line with the wishes of the deceased. The best way to go about the Pre-planning in Forest Hill is to work closely with the staff at the funeral home. Here are some of the details that can be settled quickly and without a lot of difficulties.

Cremation or Burial?

A key element of any Pre-planning in Forest Hill is whether the client wishes to make preparations for a traditional burial or opt for cremation. The funeral home team can help the client walk through the steps necessary to arrange for either approach. Along with making suggestions for a firm to prepare the vault and headstone, help with choosing an urn is also provided.

Setting the Date and Time for the Memorial Service

How long after death should the memorial service take place? Think about how long it would take loved ones to gather, whether the service should take place before or after the cremation, and even if some type of visitation or wake should be included in the planning.

Preparing an Outline for the Service

Are there elements the client would like included in the service? Perhaps preparing a statement to be read to those assembled would be in order. Maybe the plan is to include musical selections that conjure up happy memories. Who will do the eulogy, and should there be time for friends and loved ones to share anecdotes? A professional can help the client design an order for the service that will provide a measure of comfort for the mourners.

Writing the Obituary

Obituaries are still published in newspapers and also included in online memorial pages. Now is the time to decide what type of details are included. A professional can help with the basics and work in any other information the client wants to include.

Visit evansfuneralchapel.com and learn more about how to make those final arrangements now instead of later. After meeting with the staff at Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services and starting the process, it won’t take long to have everything in order.

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