What Factors Determine the Use of a Curved Chair Lift

There are obvious reasons why you need a curved chair lift when ordering equipment from suppliers of chair lifts in Guilford, or any other town in the United Kingdom. The stairway configuration is the most obvious reason. You will normally install a curved stair lift in a home that has a stairway which doesn’t run straight from the top of the landing to the bottom. There is no other option but to install a curved lift in a home with a spiral stairway. A straight lift will not work in a place with curved or spiral stairs.

Mobility Challenges

Stairs with a landing and two straight flights of steps can have two straight stair elevators fitted. However, most options like this are not viable for everyone because some users cannot transfer easily from one seat to another because of mobility issues. If the user already has a problem getting into the lift, they will have a problem transferring at the landing. This also applies to users who suffer from arthritis. Therefore, the only solution is to use a curved stair elevator on such configurations to overcome the mobility difficulties.

Used Models not Readily Available

It may prove difficult to find used stair lifts to fit the stairs in your home. The dimensions and angles of most homes are not uniform, therefore, you will need to find equipment that matches your configuration if you are buying second hand equipment. Most curved lifts have to be custom made to suit the stairway configuration of each individual property. Spiral stairs are the most difficult to match in these regards.


The lift might also need to be adaptable and have the ability to level itself up as it travels over the rail. Therefore, they will need to be tailor made to suit the configuration of the stairs to ensure a perfect fit. It should also have a sensor to detect loose objects in the path of the lift as it travels up and down.

The largest constraint is the cost. Curved stair lifts are more expensive as a rule and they tend to take longer to install because they are custom made. They also cost more for that very reason, too. Dealers who provide chair lifts in Guilford tend to forego wholesale prices because the products don’t fly off the shelves, so you could negotiate a bargain. For more information visit online.

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