What Every Dog Owner Should Know: How to Choose Pet-Friendly Upholstery in Stamford

If you share your home in Stamford with canine companions, it can be difficult to find furniture upholstery that will stand up to the inevitable stains, accidents and shedding that are a part of life with dogs. Upholstery in Stamford that’s too delicate or difficult to clean can result in disaster when pets are in the picture. Ideally, you want a durable, stain-resistant fabric that doesn’t attract fur like a magnet. Here are the best pet-friendly upholstery choices that will stay good-looking for years to come.

If you have a dog who sheds frequently, you may want to consider leather upholstery on your furniture. According to interior decorators, fur doesn’t stick to leather like it does on other fabric materials, and it’s a cinch to clean any fur that does collect on leather-covered furniture. For the best camouflage, choose a leather that best matches the color of your dog’s fur. One word of warning: if you have cats in your home as well, you may want to reconsider leather. Many cats are very attracted to natural materials like leather and love to use it as a scratching post.

One of the newest upholstery materials, microfiber has become very popular because it is relatively stain-resistant and very easy to clean. For dog owners, this makes it a very practical choice. Another bonus is the absence of loops in the fabric – there’s nowhere for nails to get caught. Microfiber fabrics come in a variety of stylish colors, textures and patterns, but you’re best off choosing microfiber upholstery in Stamford that’s relatively smooth and darker in color if you want to minimize wear and tear and hide any stains.

If you want an upholstery material that’s extremely rugged and durable, corduroy can’t be beat. This is an especially good choice for large dogs that are prone to putting holes and tears in fabric. The ridges in corduroy can make pet hair a bit harder to clean, but corduroy will outlast flimsier fabric materials by a mile. If you like a rugged look, denim is an equally rugged upholstery choice.

Choosing the right upholstery for your furniture can make life with your dog a lot easier. To see these pet-friendly fabrics in a variety of styles, visit .


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