What Drivers Should Know About Auto Insurance In Austin, TX

In Texas, all drivers must comply with local insurance laws to drive their vehicles on any roadways. If they don’t comply with these laws, they can face serious penalties. They are also at risk of losing their vehicle based on the total number of previous convictions. The following are details that all drivers should know about Auto Insurance in Austin TX.

What are the Basic Requirements for Insurance in Texas?

Currently, all drivers must acquire at least auto liability coverage. They need a policy that presents $30,000 for any injuries sustained by the first victim of an auto accident. The maximum coverage for the overall policy is $60,000 when there is more than one victim of the accident. It provides at least $25,000 for any property damage that occurs during the accident.

When Do Drivers have to Present Evidence of Coverage?

All drivers are required to present evidence of coverage when they are stopped by law enforcement. If they don’t have evidence of insurance coverage, they receive a citation. Additionally, they are required to present evidence of coverage when they register their vehicle each year and when they register a new vehicle. If they don’t have coverage, they cannot acquire registration or a tag renewal.

What Happens if They Don’t have Insurance?

If the driver doesn’t have insurance, they receive a citation. The citation requires them to acquire valid insurance coverage and present this evidence to the court. They must also pay a fine based on any previous convictions for no insurance. The state can impound their vehicle and suspend both their driver’s license and registration.

What are the Requirements for SR-22 Coverage as a Penality?

In some cases, the state may require the driver to purchase SR-22 certificates. These certificates provide evidence of insurance coverage. They aren’t insurance coverage themselves. However, the driver cannot acquire them without evidence of coverage.

In Texas, all drivers must comply with local auto insurance laws. If they fail to comply, they face serious penalties. To avoid these penalties, they purchase at least auto liability coverage. Vehicle owners who want to acquire Auto Insurance in Austin TX can contact Patrick Court right now.