What Does Organic Landscaping in Fairfield, Connecticut Involve?

Most homeowners understand how organic gardening is beneficial to their home environments. Unfortunately, though, not all of them extend this reasoning to their landscapes.

Organic Landscaping in Fairfield, Connecticut is increasingly becoming a standard for those who are concerned about the impact they are having on the planet and their immediate environments. Read on to find out a little bit more about what it entails.

Choosing the Right Plants

Growing the right plants in the best places will require less ongoing site alteration and fewer inputs. Plants that are native to the area or are chosen appropriately for the climate and weather conditions will need less fertilizer and water. This will allow landscapers to utilize fewer resources to provide a stunning landscape.

Sustainable Landscaping

Native plants are perfectly adapted to thrive in the areas where they naturally grow. They also provide a habitat for beneficial birds and insects, which helps to create a healthy ecosystem. Landscapers who utilize primarily native species will be able to create beautiful outdoor spaces that are beneficial, rather than detrimental, to the area’s overall ecology and sustainability.

Nutrient Cycling

Grass clippings and leaves can be used to fertilize lawns and plants. Composting fruits and vegetables in addition to plant matter also allow the nutrients that have been taken from the area to be returned to the soil for use by plants.

Eliminating Pesticides

A healthy ecosystem will be far less prone to insect damage. Even if a well-designed organic landscape does come under attack from pests, there are plenty of organic alternatives to chemical pesticides that will not damage the surrounding area.

Soil Care

Healthy plants start with healthy soil, and healthy soil contains plenty of beneficial bacteria and other microbes. That’s why any organic landscape design should begin with a detailed soil analysis.

Water Management

Organic Landscaping in Fairfield Connecticut requires careful water management, including the use of strategies such as rain gardens, rainwater collection barrels, and proper irrigation. Northeast Horticultural Services knows how to manage everything from water to soil to local pests and diseases to ensure a beautiful organic landscape. Click Here to learn more about their services today.

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