What Does An Employment Lawyer In Los Angeles Do?

An employment lawyer in Los Angeles is a qualified legal representative who is a specialist in labor law and represents and advises both employees and employers on employment related issues. Labor issues are very diverse so a labor attorney must be aware of and fully understand the aspects of labor law, which in itself is a rapidly evolving section of law.

The employment lawyer in Los Angeles helps companies understand and keep the mandated legal standards in their business so that all employees are treated right, in a fair and consistent manner and within the law. A company works with an employment lawyer to help them reduce the chance of litigation and an individual works with the attorney to protect his rights.

To secure the knowledge that is necessary to practice labor law and become an employment lawyer in Los Angeles an individual must first have completed a four year undergraduate course of studies and have a law degree. As is true with most elements of the legal profession, a lawyer then specializes in a certain field, in this case labor law.

There are a host of issues that crop up when practicing labor law and the employment lawyer in Los Angeles must be fully aware of the laws that affect the particular situation. There are Federal laws that affect labor as well as State law. Wage disputes are often brought to the attention of a labor attorney where an individual believes that they were not paid full compensation for the work they did. Other times the supposed violation may be unsafe conditions at the work place, at other times the situation could be contractual and the employment lawyer in Los Angeles will be called upon to review the contract to see if it covers both the employer and employee. Contract disputes are perhaps the most common issue with employment law, that and unlawful termination.

Oftentimes an employment Lawyer in Los Angeles is kept on retainer by a company for advice on all matters concerning human resources. Human resource managers often need help and guidance when preparing offers of employment to job applicants. The human resources department is always tasked with the responsibility of preparing the companies employee handbook and safety manual and with the minute changes that take place in labor law the employment lawyer is really the only suitable individual to approve the publication of the manuals.

The entire aspect of labor law is diverse; the employment lawyer in Los Angeles must understand all the areas and be able to give guidance and advice.

Representation of the company before the EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the national labor Relations Board are part of the mandate.