What does a massage therapist do?

The field of massage is quite wide; it runs from the basic Swedish massage to esoteric massage such as trigger point. The individuals who perform these treatments are massage therapists in Danvers MA. The goal of a massage therapist is to relax the client while at the same time promoting general well being. There are many different types of massage which focus on specific conditions and on treating congenital muscle problems.

People have been providing massage for each other for thousands of years. Massage is thought to be as important psychologically as it is physically. Over the years certain cultures have developed their own unique style, one such style which has been well received worldwide is shiatsu which originated in Japan as Lomi Lomi from Hawaii. Similar to Chinese medicine, bodywork is integrated into massage which promotes holistic healing. Massage is considered by many people to be a very important component to their personal health and well being as well as an integral factor in their beauty routine.

Massage therapists in Danvers MA work with a wide range of clients, many clients seek a massage simply for its ability to relax them whereas others visit the masseuse for deeper work. The therapist has had considerable training prior to receiving his or her license to practice and they use this training to treat their clients on an individual basis. Most therapists find work in a spa or medical clinic although there are many who work freelance often going to the client’s home.

In many areas of the country massage is closely monitored and strictly regulated while in other parts the rules are more relaxed. Whatever the rules, the therapist must take extensive training prior to gaining recognition. There are many excellent schools that offer training in massage, a basic standard is not difficult to achieve but most therapists go on to learn additional techniques which they can bring to their clients, deep tissue massage, Thai massage and acupressure are common additional skills that come with deeper understanding of the art. To perform a massage a therapist must have an understanding of the human body and the unique conditions which are of concern to them, these range from muscle tension to cancer.

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