What Does A Corporate Videographer Do?

Many large corporations require a wide range of video documentation and as such they often employee videographers in DC to do video work for internal issues and those that have a customer focus such as the development of commercials and other advertising materials. The role of the corporate videographer is quite demanding and changes according to the needs of the business. Regardless of the task a professional corporate videographer is expected to do high quality work at all times and under all circumstances.

One of the major tasks of corporate videographers in DC is to record meetings and conferences. Although most meetings are attended by a stenographer who records the minutes, when a video is taken this step can either be eliminated or the stenographer can record the minutes directly from the video. As it is easy for the stenographer to replay a section of the video the minutes are often more accurate than they are when taken live. In many cases the videographer prepares for videoconferencing between head office and branch office personnel, this can be very good when a new product is being launched.

With the advent of the internet many companies now market their products though e-commerce web sites. A corporate videographer will be called upon the make short segments on the various consumer products that are offered through the web site.

An extremely important task for corporate videographers is public relations. These videographers are responsible for recording video which is used to portray that the employer is a goof public citizen. Many employers are deeply involved in civic work and charitable causes and often have a non-profit component. The corporate videographer is expected to record all these community oriented events which show the employer in a good light and are excellent for publicity purposes. The corporate videographer also accompanies staff members who are on an extended tour that has been planned to establish a brand or a specific product in target markets.

The corporate videographer may have a small team of experts in lighting and sound working alongside him; they are also responsible for editing the video into final form. These individuals work with other members of staff arranging schedules and ensuring that the correct equipment is in the right place at the right time.

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