What Does A Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Puyallup, WA Offer Consumers?

In Washington, consumers seek bankruptcy opportunities when facing serious legal action for outstanding debts. Bankruptcy claims can stop foreclosures and repossessions after the claim is filed. A Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Puyallup Wa can assist consumers who need to file for bankruptcy.

Where to Complete Credit Counseling

An attorney provides information about credit counseling courses that are required for all bankruptcy cases. The consumer can find these courses locally, and the courses are free in most cases. The credit counseling programs must be approved by the state, and the courses prepare the consumer for bankruptcy. A certificate is provided for the consumers once they complete the course.

When are Fees Paid?

The consumer must pay all fees for filing the bankruptcy case upfront. The attorney provides the exact cost for bankruptcy claims as well as legal assistance during the consultation. The attorney can provide affordable pricing for these claims and help the consumers file quickly.

Why Can’t the Consumer Sell Their Assets on Their Own?

The court assigns a trustee to manage the sale of all assets involved in a chapter 7 claim. The consumer cannot manage these sales on their own because the court requires extensive documentation. The trustee must document each sale, the value of the proceeds, and identify the exact exempted value. The consumer could make mistakes that could affect their claim. Consumers who prefer to sell their own assets don’t need to file a claim for bankruptcy.

Are Chapter 13 Claims Monitored Closely?

Yes, the consumer must provide monthly payments to the court or via wage garnishment. The court generates a record of all payments and will inform the consumer when a payment is late. If the consumer doesn’t pay their payments on time, the case could be discharged by the court.

In Washington, consumers review their options for bankruptcy based on advantages each chapter offers. The claims stop adverse legal action that could lead to the seizure of assets. They also present a more appropriate solution for consumers who cannot manage their debts. Consumers who want to file for bankruptcy contact a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer In Puyallup Wa and schedule an appointment now.

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