What Does A Central Heating System Boiler Do?

A hot water central heating system in a home is actually easy to understand. The key element is the boiler that heats water that is pumped throughout a system of radiators which are usually installed along the baseboards in every room or through coils imbedded under the floor. The entire system is quite simple, efficient and extremely efficient.

The function of the boiler:

Think of the boiler as nothing more than a fire that uses natural gas or LPG as fuel. When the temperature drops to a pre-set point, a thermostat recognizes this, a valve opens and gas enters the combustion chamber through a series of jets. The gas is ignited by an electric spark. The burning gas is the heat that is required to heat water that is in the heat exchanger, the heated water travels throughout the circuit passing through radiators. The water eventually returns to the boiler where it is reheated for recirculation throughout the system.

Repairing a boiler failure:

Boiler repair in Chicago is not something that is required often, but periodically a boiler will begin to leak. This is not something that the homeowner should attempt to repair, gas boilers can be dangerous and only qualified technicians should deal with any necessary repairs.

A boiler leak is serious, it indicates that a component has failed; perhaps a seal or valve. A leak, if left unattended to can quickly lead to internal corrosion or short circuits in an electrical component.

There are a number of reasons why a boiler would leak, it could be that a valve failed due to excess boiler pressure or it could be the boiler is running to hot. The primary reason why boiler repair in Chicago is needed is corrosion. Depending on how far advanced the problem is either failed components can be replaced or the boiler must be replaced.

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