What Defines a Professional Photographer?

These days, anyone in New Jersey can take good pictures with their phone or a DSLR. Yet there is a big difference between selfies and shots taken by a proven professional. Professional photography differs from amateur or hobbyist photography in many different ways, mainly in terms of crafting memorable images with ideal lighting, composition, and that perfect capture of a special moment in time.

One of the main differences between hobbyist and professional photography is the quality of experience behind the lens. Notice that quality of experience is not the same as quantity. A person could have been taking snapshots for fifty years and still not have developed the level of knowledge and understanding that a professional has. Just compare professional shots you see in the media with the ones you take, and you’ll instantly understand that quality of experience matters most with professional photography.

Another main difference is that a professional is a perfectionist. Everything has to be just right, which is why a professional photographer will walk around the event venue taking hundreds, probably thousands of individual photographs.

A lot of what a professional photographer does is behind the scenes.
The professional photographer pores over each image to find the best ones, then edits them meticulously so that you get the shots you want.
Because the professional photographer is getting paid for their work, and their work reflects on their reputation as a photographer, they are willing to spend day and night working hard long after the actual photo shoot.

In New Jersey, places like Limelight use professional photographers who take their craft seriously. Knowledge of setting, lighting, and perfect portraiture is essential. For your wedding or special event, why take chances? Hiring a professional photographer ensures that your memories stand the test of time.

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