What Could A Periodontist In Middleton MA Do For You?

A periodontist is a highly trained dentist who has undertaken additional postgraduate courses relating to all aspects of our gums and the bones, etc in our jaws and mouths that relate to our teeth. You can approach a Periodontist In Middleton, MA directly but it is more likely that you could be referred to one following a visit to a regular dentist.

Treatment Of Mouth Diseases

One of the main fields of a periodontist’s activity lies in recognising and treating the various gum diseases which are often mistakenly lumped together in popular parlance as gingivitis. Unfortunately, gingivitis is but one of the problems you could have within your mouth. Gingivitis commonly starts with inflammation of your gums which is often caused by bacteria within the same plaque that can also infect your teeth and lead to cavities. Gingivitis can also lead to periodontitis when, effectively, the damaging microorganisms are attacking harder tissue below the softer gum tissue; should this get into the bone around the teeth (the alveolar bone); bone loss can occur leading to teeth loosening and possible total loss. If you, or your dentist, suspect any problems in the whole tooth supporting area of your mouth it is essential for the state of your teeth that you consult a Periodontist in Middleton, MA at the earliest opportunity.

Restorative Or Cosmetic Dentistry

While we should all value our teeth, and teeth problems can be debilitating painful, it could be argued that we could get by with less than a full set. The loss of one or two probably won’t interfere too much with our eating habits; but, today’s society places great value on a person’s smile and gaps in the tooth line do nothing for a smile!

Our grandparents’ generation regularly used false teeth set onto plates that fitted inside their mouths. However, I understand that these sets of false teeth were not exactly comfortable to use and had other disadvantages.

Individual teeth replacement keeps the smile factor and is more comfortable and practical than plate type false teeth. This is done by implanting a manufactured device into someone’s gums to act as a “root” on which to place a new artificial tooth that, to all appearances, is as natural as the teeth around it. Since the support bone and tissue around teeth are the specialist area of knowledge for a Periodontist in Middleton, MA, one of them will certainly be involved should you ever require teeth implants. Visit Website for more information.

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