What constitutes commercial Employee Health Insurance Asheville NC?

Any form of Employee Health Insurance Asheville NC that is not offered by or managed by the government or any agency of the government is considered to be commercial health care insurance. The insurance companies that offer these policies are for-profit companies and their products consist of group plans as well as individual and personal plans. Any product that is considered to be commercial health care insurance is only available to those who are willing to pay a premium for the coverage.

Many employers are concerned with the wellbeing of their employees and offer Employee Health Insurance Asheville NC insurance as a component of their offer of employment. This type of insurance is under a group health care policy and is given to employees when they meet specific criteria which could be upon the completion of a set number of hours, weeks or months. These group plans can be structured in a number of ways; the employer can absorb the full cost of the plan or it can be contributory where both the employer and employee contribute to the cost of cover.

There are a number of models and formats for commercial health insurance but three have emerged to be the most popular;

* Point of service
* Health Maintenance Organization
* Fee for service

The point of service plan allows the policy holder to select their primary care doctor from a list which the insurance company offers. By selecting a physician from the list provided ensures that most medical expenses will qualify, however, if the physician is not included on the list the benefits that are covered are usually less.

An HMO is somewhat similar, the policy holder or beneficiary is allowed to select his or her primary care physician from a list. If the policy holder needs treatment by a specialist, the specialist physician must have been referred to the patient.

A plan which offers fee for service coverage allows the beneficiary to see any doctor they wish but the scope of services may be limited to office visits and procedures which can be done in the office of the doctor.

In evaluating the options for Employee Health Insurance Asheville NC it is of primary importance that a plan which will cover the needs of the insured is chosen.

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