What Concepts Does A Child Custody Lawyer In Angola, Indiana Manage?

In Indiana, child custody cases are determined according to the most appropriate setting for the child. Most courts make an effort to assign joint custody whenever possible. However, certain circumstances prevent the possibility of these assignments. A Child Custody Lawyer in Angola Indiana assists parents in reviewing applicable concepts that affect these assignments.

Addressing Any Risks to the Child

Any risk to the child is evaluated by the court. The most common risks addressed during child custody cases are an addiction, abuse allegations, and instances of domestic violence. In any case, in which a protection order was issued, the court must re-evaluate the identified risks. If these risks remain, the victim identified in the order could gain sole custody.

A Stable Environment for the Child

The parent who acquires full-time possession of the child must provide a stable environment for the child. They must provide adequate financial and emotional support for the child. In these cases, an attorney ad litem is assigned for the child. This attorney represents the child and helps them designate where they want to live. However, if for any reason that the court finds this parent unfit, they cannot acquire custody.

Reviewing Visitation Arrangements

The visitation arrangement should provide equal time for each parent with the child. These arrangements define the full duration at which the parents have the children. For example, they may alternate weeks or one parent may visit with the child on weekends. They define visitation during holidays and during school vacations.

Child Support Orders

The child support orders determine the value in which the non-custodial parent must pay each month. This value is based on their income and monthly obligations. It is also calculated according to the total number of children involved. If these payments aren’t made, the non-custodial parent is in violation of a court order.

In Indiana, child custody is determined after a full assessment of each parent during a custody hearing. These hearings take place after the divorce is finalized. The judge must determine what parent is most appropriate and doesn’t present a risk to the child. Parents who need help with these cases should hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Angola Indiana by contacting Yoder & Kraus today.

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