What Can You Expect From a Root Canal?

There are many conditions that can cause problems with the health of your teeth. When you have a cavity or infection, these can cause massive damages to your tooth. Many people end up in excruciating pain and need a tooth extraction. Often, the dentist will try to save a tooth through a procedure called a root canal. This procedure removes the nerve, stopping the pain and removes infection and disease in the tooth so it can be saved. Many people end up needing both a root canal and a crown, to effectively prevent tooth loss.

How Is a Root Canal Performed?

A root canal is a procedure that is used to prevent tooth loss. This procedure involves the Dentist in Wichita KS making a small opening in the tooth. This will serve as the gateway for the dentist to be able to enter the tooth and remove the inner portions. The soft tissue pulp and the nerve will both be removed. Since an adult tooth no longer requires the nerve to function, it will not hurt the health of your tooth to have it removed. In fact, it will immensely help you, so you no longer experience pain in the tooth.

The dentist will work carefully to make sure the inside of your tooth is completely clean of all tissue, disease and infection. Using special tools, called canal files, the dentist will scrape down the root structures in your tooth, making sure they are completely free of any residue. This helps to ensure you will no longer be affected by infection or decay in the tooth.

If your tooth was infected, the dentist will hold off on closing the tooth until the infection has been treated. Instead of a permanent filling, you will receive a temporary filling and be sent home with antibiotics to take. Once your tooth has been permanently sealed, the dentist will make the decision on whether or not it will need a crown.

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