What Can the Dentist in Markesan, WI Do to Treat Your Gum Disease?

Gum disease can strike anybody’s mouth. It most often occurs when you have not been taking care of your teeth and gums, through brushing, flossing and routine dental visits. Since gum disease is so volatile in its destruction, it is imperative you understand what to look for, so you can seek dental treatment right away. The sooner gum disease is treated, the less likely you are to experience permanent problems with the health of your teeth. Through the dentist in Markesan, WI, your gum disease can be brought under control, so you can have a healthy smile.

What are the Common Forms of Gum Disease and How are They Treated?

  • Gingivitis — This is the first form of gum disease and it begins with swelling, redness and irritation in the gums. You may notice when you brush your teeth your gums are easy to bleed and they may feel irritated. Gingivitis occurs when you have been neglecting the health of your teeth and not brushing and flossing like you should. Fortunately, this condition is completely reversible. Through good oral hygiene practices, you can overcome this gum condition. The Dentist in Markesan, WI can give you advice on how to care for your gums, so the condition does not progress. It is important to stay proactive in your dental care, so you can avoid this condition. If you do develop Gingivitis, prompt care can help to stop the condition.
  • Periodontitis — This is an advanced form of gum disease and causes pockets of infection to develop around the teeth. As these infection pockets cause damage to the gums, the teeth roots become exposed. This exposure causes the teeth to become loose. If the condition goes on untreated, it will cause the teeth to fall out. To treat this condition, the dentist will use strong antibiotic therapy and may need to reduce the swelling in the gum tissue through laser therapy. It takes regressive action to treat this condition and many people end up losing all of their teeth in the process.

If you are suffering with a gum condition, contact Silver Creek Dentistry in Markesan, WI right away and schedule an appointment so you can be cared for.

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