What Are Your Weed Control Options?

When you want your lawn to look its best you will inevitably need to treat for weeds. This can be annoying and time consuming, but it will prevent damage to your grass and keep weeds from growing. This is the best way to keep a consistent lawn. What are your weed control options in Oklahoma City?

Hire A Professional

If you do not have the time to treat your lawn yourself, or you want to make sure it is done right, then your best option is to hire a professional. Lawn care professionals treat lens like yours every day and will be able to give you fast, consistent results and you don’t have to do it yourself or worry if you did something wrong.

Pre-emergent Treatment

If it is the beginning of the season and the weeds have not started to sprout yet, then you can use a pre-emergent treatment to stop weeds from ever even sprouting. This works by halting the germination of the seeds and keeps weeds from being able to grow. By taking this route, you prevent weeds from even growing on your lawn and damaging it.


If you are the do it yourself type of person, and your lawn already has weeds then you can get treatment kits at your local hardware or gardening store. These vary from simple spray bottles to full dispensers that will spread weed killer throughout your yard. There are also kits available which can be connected to a garden hose and used to water your lawn. The number of DIY products is overwhelming.

These products serve their purpose well but do not compare to professional treatments. A lawn care professional will have more experience and will be able to get the job done faster and better than if you try to do it yourself. You may also end up paying less than you would if you do it yourself if you were to buy a high-end kit.

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