What Are the Steps for Adoption Proceedings Followed by a Law Firm in Junction City, KS?

In Kansas, prospective parents must follow specific steps when adopting a child to prevent any legalities that can stop the adoption completely. The process may begin with an adoption agency. However, these prospective parents need an attorney to help them navigate through the process. The following are the steps for adoption proceedings followed by a law firm in Junction City, KS.

Identify a Child to Adopt and File an Application

Local adoption agencies allow prospective parents to meet children who are available for adoption. Once they complete a meet and greet, the prospective parents must file an official application for adoption. Next, the adoption agency assigns a caseworker to interview the parents and review their home. The findings determine if they are the right fit for the child.

Meet with Biological Parents and Identify the Terms

The prospective parents meet with the biological parents to conduct an interview. The both sets of parents have the right to ask any questions about the child and the family medical history. The biological parents have the right to refuse any adoption. They can also require visitation with the child based on local laws.

Terminate the Parental Rights of the Biological Parents

Next, the court will terminate the parental rights of the biological parents. These parents may sign documents to allow the termination of their rights if they choose. However, any parent that is deemed unfit can have their rights removed by the court if they are a danger to the child.

Attend the Adoption Hearing

The adoption hearing is scheduled once all other steps are managed. During the hearing, the parents can change the child’s name if they or the child prefer. They will become the legal parents of the child once the proceedings have concluded.

In Kansas, adoption proceedings require the parents and the court to follow specific guidelines. All prospective parents must be interviewed and evaluated before being given a child. If any risks are discovered, the state can refuse to grant the adoption. Prospective parents who need to contact a law firm in Junction City, KS adoption can call Oleen Law Firm or visit oleenlawfirm.com right now.

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