What are the Signs You Might Need Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD?

The chimney is the most important aspect of a fireplace. Without a proper chimney, the smoke and ash cannot be whisked out of the home. When a chimney is in disrepair, using a fireplace can be dangerous because it can cause a fire or the build up of toxic gasses in the home, such as carbon monoxide. It is vital homeowners are able to recognize the signs they need Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MD.

These signs should prompt a homeowner to seek Chimney Rebuilding in Carroll County MDL

  • Damaged mortar joints mean the bricks of a chimney are no longer secure. As the cracks in the mortar joints allow water in, they expand and can cause major damage over time. If this issue is not repaired promptly, the entire chimney could collapse, leading to major damages that are expensive to repair.
  • Should a homeowner notice their damper has become rusted or is no longer opening and shutting normally, it is important they seek repairs right away. This issue likely means the chimney is not working as it should, allowing moisture to build up and cause damage. This is an issue that should not be ignored because it will only worsen over time.
  • Spalling in the bricks of a chimney is a sign moisture is being allowed inside. This will cause the bricks to become discolored, flaky, and peeling. If homeowners are noticing bits of masonry falling into their fireplace, this is a sure sign spalling is occurring and it will eventually lead to the full destruction of the chimney.
  • If the liner of the chimney is damaged, shaling will begin to occur. A sign of this issue is slices of thin chimney tile piling up near the bottom of the chimney. Shaling can lead to a fireplace being unsafe to use.

If your chimney is damaged, it is important you seek the services of a professional. A chimney professional can use special equipment to inspect your chimney and find the cause of damage so it can be repaired or replaced. Contact Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps and allow them to take care of all of your chimney needs.

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