What are the Signs a Home May Need a Roofing Service in Wauwatosa, WI?

While the typical home roof will last around twenty years, they can become damaged long before this time period expires. When damages begin occurring, a homeowner needs to seek a roofing service in Wauwastosa, WI. It is important that roofs are repaired as quickly as possible, so further damages do not occur. Ongoing damage can weaken a roof and cause damage to a home’s structure. A yearly inspection of the roof will allow a homeowner to know if their roof needs to be repaired.

A homeowner needs to perform a yearly roof inspection where they get up on a ladder and completely inspect every component of their roof. If a homeowner does not feel comfortable carrying out a roof inspection, most roofing companies can be hired to perform a thorough inspection on a yearly basis. These signs may be present when a roof has been compromised:

• If a home has composition shingles, they are typically the first to begin exhibiting signs of problems. The shingles may begin to curl at the edges or become brittle. They may no longer be as pliable as they once were and will break easily. Homeowners may also notice missing shingle granules that will likely be washed into the gutter system.

• When a home is leaking during rainstorms, or there are water or mildew stains anywhere on the ceilings of the home, this can signal the home needs roofing service in Wauwatosa, WI. During the roof inspection, it is a good idea for a homeowner to also check all of their ceilings and their attic for water spots, mold, and mildew. These signs mean water is escaping through the shingles and tar paper and entering the home.

• If the roof has significant mold, mildew, or algae growth, these can also be a concern. The homeowner needs to check to make sure there are no obvious dips in the roof or soft spots that could indicate rotting.

When a roof is reaching the end of a twenty-year lifespan and is exhibiting any signs of problems, it may be time to consider replacement. If you are a homeowner who has noticed any of these signs, contact Waukesha Roofing right away.

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