What Are The Requirements For Auto Insurance In South Austin, TX?

In Texas, the state laws require all registered automobile owners to obtain automobile insurance. These policies provide coverage if an auto accident occurs. The state enforces these requirements to prevent the probability of a lawsuit. Local insurance agencies provide Auto Insurance in South Austin TX for these vehicle owners.

The Exact Minimum Requirements

At this time, the state requires standard liability coverage for all automobiles and motorcycles. The base value for a one-victim accident is $30,000. This value is increased to $60,000 if there are more than one victim involved. It offers $25,000 for all property damage that occurs.

Processing an Auto Claim

The auto claim is processed by the claim’s adjuster. All owners involved in the accident must acquire a copy of the accident report and submit to to their insurance carrier. The claim’s adjuster evaluates this report to determine who is at fault and liable for expenses. They review the medical records of the victim and evaluate their estimates for auto repairs. Any vehicle owner submitting a claim for property damage need at least three estimates for these services.

What Penalties Apply If You Don’t Have Insurance?

Any automobile owner who doesn’t comply with these insurance laws is guilty of driving without insurance. The Department of Motor Vehicles and the court may impose penalties. The first offense requires the auto owner to pay a fine of $175. The maximum fine is $350. More convictions increase the penalties and fines. The fines may range up to $1,000. The state can also suspend the driver’s license and registration.

When SR-22 Insurance is Required

Any drivers who are considered risky may need SR-22 insurance. These drivers may include those who were convicted of DUI or who failed to comply with insurance laws. The requirement for this insurance could last up to three years.

In Texas, the state utilizes a notification system that indicates a cancellation or expiration of an auto insurance policy. The driver has up to ten days to provide new proof of insurance. A failure to provide proof leads to the imposition of penalties. Drivers who need to acquire Auto Insurance in South Austin TX should contact Patrick Court at State Farm today.

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