What Are the Benefits of Post Surgery Bras Over Sports Bras?

After any surgery, the body needs ample support and opportunity to heal. This is very much true in mastectomies or other types of breast surgeries. A wide range of products is on the market that can provide the supportive, proper healing environment that’s necessary. Many people choose a simple sports bra only to find this does not provide them with the ability to heal well or minimize pain. Post surgery bras are a better option.

Why Post Surgery Bras Differ

Depending on the type of procedure had, post surgery bras provide far more support for a women’s new body shape. In situations related to mastectomy, no standard bra can meet every unique shape out there. With the help of these specially designed products, though, it is possible to see significant benefit. The bras provide ample support in the right locations. They also can be selected based on the size of each breast, since this, too, can differ.

Right after a surgical procedure, the body is still swollen and healing. During this initial time, it becomes very important for individuals to choose the proper garments to wear to encourage healing. Your doctor will provide some guidance here. Wearing a traditional bra or a sports bra is rarely a good option. Simply, this does not offer the breasts any support. When moving, sleeping, or even just standing up, this can put pressure on the incisions and make them uncomfortable.

With the help of specially designed products, such as post-surgery bras, there’s more opportunity for your tissues to heal and for you to have the shape and support you desire. Every individual’s needs are unique. Yet, working with a specialty product offers far more flexibility where it matters. Of course, following doctor’s guidelines are also important in this situation.