What Are Possible Cremation Services in Deland, FL?

There are usually about three different types of cremation services. The services range from a fairly economical and spartan option to a more elaborate ceremony. For the most basic package, you’ll usually have your loved one cremated, and then the ashes will be placed into an urn you provide or a basic urn from the funeral home. For the highest end services, there will be a funeral with a ceremony. You can even bury your loved one’s ashes.

Urns or Burial?

There are several options for what to do with a loved one’s ashes. Putting the ashes into an urn and placing it in a position of prominence is one option that many people choose. However, there have recently been a few less conventional options that have gained some popularity. For example, you can have the ashes used to grow a tree. After the professional cremation services in Deland, FL, you’ll receive the ashes of your loved one. You’ll then buy a kit from a third-party retailer that comes with soil, a tree of the desired type, and a place for the ashes. You will put the ashes into the kit with the soil and plant the seed.

As the tree grows, the tree will incorporate a little piece of your loved one. It’s as if they lived on after death. That is one of the many services that some people choose after they get their loved one’s ashes from Baldauff Family Funeral Home & Crematory.


Another option that many people have chosen is having their loved one pressed into a diamond. After the cremation services, you can use some part of the ashes to be sent to a laboratory. Since diamonds are just carbon compressed until they are precious stones, the ashes can be compressed into diamonds. It’s a beautiful reminder of the life they once lived.

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