What are Corporate Serviced Apartments and What Can They Do for You?

There are a lot of options out there when you leave home. From hotels to hostels to apartment hotels, the variety is dramatic. One branch of the housing consists of furnished apartments that book like hotels. They have many names and a fair bit of variety among themselves, but the highest quality of them are typically called corporate serviced apartments. They distance themselves from short-stay and hotel apartments in several important ways.

What They Are

Corporate stays are not reserved specifically for contracted companies. Instead, the name refers to the elevated luxury associated with these apartments. The dwellings offer more services, features and larger spaces than non-corporate options. The name does speak to the fact that many large companies use these types of housing for their employees when work requires it, but don’t feel that these options are unavailable for individuals or leisure travel.

Serviced apartments can offer a lot of variety to your residence options when you travel. Corporate serviced apartments stand out from their counterparts, short stay apartments, in a few specific ways. First and foremost, the average stay at a corporate apartment is much longer than that of the short-term alternatives. While there are typically no minimum stay requirements, the corporate style tends to be more cost effective for longer stays. This is why the average time spent in these rooms is more than thirty days.

Why to Go Corporate

Any hotel style apartment can take care of your needs for short and long stays. Corporate housing is really all about the extras. If you want to go for true luxury and enough space to really feel at home while you’re away, then corporate is really the only option. Many non-corporate apartments will offer less in terms of turn-down services, general housekeeping and room services. The corporate style is the real best of both worlds merger between apartment and resort.

You have seen some of the different options for staying abroad. Corporate serviced apartments are the best way to go for high-end or long-term stays. Furnished, serviced, competitively priced and primely located, they are the all-around option to give you the best home possible when you aren’t at home.

Corporate Serviced Apartments are usually the best route for stays longer than 30 days. Even if your stay is shorter, corporate serviced apartments still may be the most suitable option for your travel needs. Make sure to check these options on your next trip whether it is for business or pleasure. To know more visit website.

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