What are Common Law Marriages Colorado Springs CO?

There are many people that wish to have a long term commitment to each other, but simply do not feel this has to be completed with the traditional marriage license. Common law marriages in Colorado Springs CO are relationships where the couples feel a marriage exists between the parties without a marriage license in place.

Colorado recognizes these relationships as common law marriages. The date of common law marriage in the state of Colorado dates back as far as 1907 for the couple entering into this unique type of relationship.

What is included in Common Law Marriages Colorado Springs CO

There are a number of things that are included, when it comes to common law marriages and these involve specific things in the relationship. Listed below are some facts involved in a common law marriage:

1. The couple has publicly displayed the fact to other people that they are romantically involved and living under the same roof.
2. The couple has children that are both theirs and have made provisions for the children’s future and well-being jointly.
3. The involved couple files both state and federal income taxes together.
4. The couple have all of their financial accounts together jointly. This may include checking accounts, IRA’s and credit cards.
5. The couple agrees to share the expenses involved with living together. These may include the ownership of property, land or a house to live in.

The people that are involved in a common law marriage do many, if not all of the things a regular married couple would do. The main difference is that a marital license has not been obtained for the couple.

Finally, if the court of Colorado recognizes the marriage to be a common law one, the couple will have all of the legal benefits that a married couple has. This is important when many issues may arise that will require the couple to act on the other’s behalf or various legal situations where this may play a huge impact. There are benefits for the couple living in Colorado which has a common law marriage. If interested in learning more, visit the website for more details.

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