What Are Auto Body Shops?

Chances are pretty good you’ve probably heard people talk about Body Shops and repair shops and just assumed they were the same thing. They are places where you take your car to get fixed right? While that is true there is a difference between taking your car to a place such as The Body and Fender Shop and an auto repair shop. Body shops focus on fixing damage to the body, also referred to as the frame, of your vehicle. Auto repair shops, on the other hand, may or may not do any work to the frame of a vehicle. They are more about the mechanics underneath the vehicle and the mechanics under the hood.

You would take your vehicle to an auto body shop if you have a big dent in the side of it that you want to get out. You would also take it to an auto body shop if you have some scratches in the paint job you want fixed. Most auto body shops fix dents, scratches and bumps. They also will give the car a fresh coat of paint upon request.

When people hear the details of what a body shop has to offer they do not really understand the benefit in going to one. Why does it matter if your vehicle looks nice as long as it runs? What most people do not know is that fixing a dent in your fender or in the side of your vehicle is about a little more than just making your vehicle look nice again. Those dents can affect the performance of your vehicle which can cause it to use more fuel. Depending on where the dent is, it can also put pressure on certain parts of the vehicle which can cause serious damage over long periods of time.

Obviously, no one is going to deny the fact that a trip to the auto body shop is enough to make any vehicle look good as new. However, the money you are going to save on gas and replacement parts is definitely a nice bonus to consider as well.

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