What A Personal Injury Lawyer Looks For Before Taking A Case

Although there are a lot of cases that seem to fall under personal injury laws, not all of them are taken by a lawyer. Although it is possible to contact another lawyer to see if they’d take the case, it’s important to consider what a Personal Injury Lawyer looks for before taking a case to make sure the situation qualifies. This can help the person avoid wasting time when there won’t be a lawyer willing to accept their case.

Large Amount of Quantifiable Injuries

The injuries a person suffers need to be quantifiable. A lawyer isn’t going to take a case where the victim just has hurt feelings simply because they feel they were wronged. The lawyer needs to ensure there’s an amount they can ask for as a settlement. This typically includes medical bills, lost wages, or even damaged property. This amount also needs to be a significant amount to make it worth the lawyer’s time. Since they’re paid from a percentage of the settlement, they want to make sure they’ll be paid enough to make the case worthwhile.

Ample Evidence of Liability

If there is no evidence or very little evidence, it’s going to be hard for the lawyer to prove the liable party owes compensation to the victim. There may not be other evidence that can be gathered and the case won’t have a high chance of being successful. Since the lawyer is paid from the settlement, not in advance, they’re not going to be willing to take a case they don’t think they’ll win.

Ability to Collect on the Settlement

Even if there is a large amount of quantifiable injuries and sufficient evidence, the lawyer may not take the case because of a lack of ability to collect on the settlement. If the liable party does not have any money to pay a settlement, there’s not much of a reason to bring a lawsuit. This can depend on whether the person has the potential to pay in the future or through monthly instalments, however, so it’s something the lawyer will carefully consider.

These are just the main points a Personal Injury Lawyer will consider before they take a case. If the victim of a personal injury is curious about whether their case may have enough for a lawyer to take, they can speak with a lawyer.

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